Awareness Campaigns

Awareness campaigns promote positive messages on mental wellbeing and suicide prevention, letting people know it is ok to ask & ok to talk about suicide and that support is available.

Cheshire & Merseyside Campaigns

Kind to your mind

Kind to your mind aims to help people whose mental health may have been impacted by the coronavirus in Cheshire and Merseyside. The website contains free online wellbeing tools, information on mental health crisis lines and access to a free online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy course, as well as informative podcasts by key local and national influencers, such as GP & TV presenter Dr Rangan Chatterjee, and former Premier League footballer Andy Cole.

Let’s Keep Talking

The ‘Let’s keep talking’ campaign encourages people who may be struggling to have a chat with someone they trust. As well as this, the campaign asks those who may know someone who is vulnerable or isolated to reach out to them.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone, but it is thought that some groups such as young people, people who have been furloughed and key workers, as well as those who are vulnerable and isolated, may be particularly struggling with poor mental health.
For those who do not have someone to speak to or who need extra support, the campaign includes signposting to key organisations that can help. The campaign links to the ‘Kind to Your Mind’ campaign website which offers signposting to local services and various mental wellbeing resources including podcasts, information and free online CBT counselling.

Stay Alive App

The Stay Alive App Campaign encouraged people in Cheshire & Merseyside to download the app. In just 10 weeks there were 4870 downloads by local residents, a 115% increase.

The Stay Alive app is there to help anyone who is having thoughts of suicide, or anyone who is concerned for someone that they care about. It signposts to local support and features a safety plan for those in crisis and a lifebox which can be filled with memories and images of loved ones.

Locally endorsed national campaigns

Every Mind Matters

The Every Mind matters website contains expert advice and practical tips to help you look after your mental health, including specific advice around dealing with your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak and the MIND Plan Quiz offering tailored advice to look after your own wellbeing.

Time to Change

Time to Change is a campaigning charity that challenges stigma surrounding mental health, encouraging people to access help and support. Time to Change campaigns have changed attitudes in schools, workplaces and communities. Local Authorities in Cheshire & Merseyside are signed up to Time to Change, with active local champions bringing their lived experience in spearheading campaigns.