Participants wanted for Oxford Brookes University research study

Are you an adult (18 years or over) who lives in England and currently cares for an adult family member or friend you think may be, or has previously been, at risk of suicide?

Oxford Brookes University are carrying out a research project to understand what support might help adults in this position.

What is an adult carer of another adult?

For this research, Oxford Brookes University are defining an adult carer as anyone aged 18 or over who currently looks after, on a non-professional and unpaid basis, a family member, partner or friend aged 18 or over who needs help and support because they are considered to be, or have previously been, at risk of suicide.

What does at risk of suicide mean?

The University is interested in carers’ perspectives of suicide risk. If you are a non-professional carer and you think that the person you care for is at risk, or has previously been at risk, of suicide you are eligible for this research.

What does the research involve?

This research involves completing an online survey.  The survey takes around 20 minutes to complete and is anonymous. The University are also carrying out interviews which will explore the same issues as the survey in more depth. The survey provides information about how to express interest in taking part in interviews.

The online survey and participant information can be found here Adult carers of adults at risk of suicide survey

The survey will be live until 1st November 2021. After this time it will not be possible to complete the survey.