Post suicide support

A suicide liaison service that provides crisis intervention, support and assistance for those affected by a suicide has been established.


AMPARO can offer support following a suicide in a number of ways including:

  • One to one individual support
  • Help with any media enquiries
  • Practical support dealing with Police and Coroners
  • Help overcoming the isolation experienced
  • Contacting and signposting to local services such as SOBS

This service aims to alleviate the distress of those bereaved or affected by suicide, reducing the risk of imitative suicidal behaviour and suicide clusters and promoting the healthy recovery of the affected community.

Contact them today on 0330 088 9255

Useful resources

These resources are aimed at the wide range of people who are affected by suicide. Click the links to download PDF documents, watch videos and visit websites.

NHS: Help is at hand Survivors of bereavement by suicide Life After Suicide BBC Documentary 2014