Suicide Safer Communities – working together to prevent suicide

Building communities where people are safe from suicide brings together shared actions towards preventing suicide. Building a Suicide Safe Community demonstrates that we are all taking our responsibility seriously, playing our part, that it is not all down to the individual and that our community is looking out for people.

Guidance and tools to enable your community/organisation to take the steps towards being suicide safe are available below.: 

The resources on this website can be used by organisations to provide support, run awareness campaigns, training programmes, provide resources and suicide bereavement support.

Suicide Safer Community Status

In 2020 Cheshire & Merseyside was officially awarded Suicide-Safer Community status by Living Works, a world leader in suicide prevention and training.

This award is symbolic of the fantastic leadership and hard work of colleagues and partners from across Cheshire & Merseyside over the last five years, implementing the NO MORE Suicide Strategy together. 

To be recognised as a Suicide-Safer Community means fulfilling ten main pillars of community action, including training, suicide bereavement, leadership and mental health promotion. These pillars are associated with most national suicide prevention strategies. Communities can assess their progression and current strengths, as well as areas for growth and improvement, as they work within their own national and local frameworks to become safer from suicide. 

There is still much more to be done in order to continue pursuing our ultimate zero suicide ambition and work continues on the NO MORE suicide strategy, but this award signals great progress.